NHS cybersecurity claims

We can represent victims for NHS cybersecurity claims. We can offer No Win, No Fee representation, which is important in today’s increasingly digitalised age.

The NHS is a huge target for hackers given that they do not always have the resources in place to be able to fend off attacks. As we saw with the 2017 WannaCry incident where malware specifically targeted older and more outdated systems, the NHS was hit hard.

Victims should never suffer in silence. We fight for the rights of victims for NHS data breach compensation claims that arise from cybersecurity problems.

NHS cybersecurity claims compensation

Victims can make NHS cybersecurity claims with our expert team on a No Win, No Fee basis. If personal information has been misused or exposed, you could be entitled to compensation.

When it comes to information as personal and sensitive as medical data, the impact for the victim can be substantial. A lot of the individual legal cases that we take forward for people involve medical information, and the settlement amounts can be high.

When you make a claim for the distress caused by the loss of control of your personal information, it’s based on the impact on the victim. When it comes to matters as confidential as medical information, the distress victims can suffer from can be substantial.

Rising numbers of incidents

Over the last few years, we have taken on increasing numbers of NHS cybersecurity claims. Not only are more people aware of their rights nowadays, but the numbers of incidents are also on the rise.

It has recently been reported that the NHS is creating more data hubs that can be accessed by organisations around the world. This could include universities, research groups and private healthcare companies. The reason for the access it to aid the pace of medical research, which we know can be a good thing. The quicker we can cure and treat diseases and ailments, the better.

But there are risks with increased access to information. The more gateways to access there is, the more vulnerable data can be. The more organisations storing and processing a data subject’s information, the more at-risk data can be.

Cybersecurity simply must be a priority, or we could see hackers stealing a wealth of information with relative ease. Although data is meant to be anonymised, criminals can find ways of matching information to the data subjects, which is a major cause for concern.

Free, no-obligation advice

You can speak to our team today for free, no-obligation advice about NHS cybersecurity claims.

If we can take your case forward, we could represent you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Thousands of people have come to us for our expert help over the years we’ve been at the forefront of data breach compensation claims. This includes major medical data breach actions like the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak as well.

We may be able to help you too.

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