Virgin Media data breach action

Virgin Media data breach action

If you have yet to join the Virgin Media data breach action, where you could claim thousands of pounds in compensation on a No Win, No Fee basis, here is what you need to do.

There is a dedicated website here – VirginMediaDataBreach.Co.Uk – where you can sign-up now for a compensation claim. You can benefit from No Win, No Fee representation from our leading legal team, and get a case set up in a matter of minutes. You could be entitled to receive up to £5,000.00 in damages, based on early provisional estimations.

Whatever you do, do not leave it too late to start a case. There will likely be court cut-off dates in the future, and missing those could mean missing out on your chance to claim.

Join the Virgin Media data breach action

You can join the Virgin Media data breach action easily by going to the dedicated website here and completing the forms.

As long as you have received confirmation that you are a victim of the breach, you should be eligible to join the action right away. It doesn’t take long to complete the forms and you can get your case set up and started right away; no fuss, no hassle.

You  could be entitled, by law, to receive compensation for the distress you suffer as a result of the loss of control of your personal information.

No Win, No Fee

We are representing our clients who are a part of our Virgin Media data breach action on a No Win, No Fee basis.

This means that, subject to the terms and conditions of the agreement, we can waive our legal fees if the case does not win.

We are working this way because:

  • We believe that we can succeed with the action;
  • We are big believers in access to justice;
  • We know that most people would not want to claim if there was a risk of having to pay thousands of pounds in feeds for a lost case.

Do not leave it too late

Whatever you do, do not leave it too late to join the Virgin Media data breach action. Although there is no formal court deadline to join yet, it is likely that there will be one in the future.

These deadlines can come around fast. Once they pass, you could lose the chance to start a claim and lose your chance to receive thousands of pounds in damages. With our No Win, No Fee representation, there really is no need to put off starting a case, and it is always best to join an action early so we can keep you informed and prepare your case earlier.

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