Watford Community Housing data leak

email address breaches can you claim for compensation

Over a year has passed since the Watford Community Housing data leak, in which an erroneous email caused thousands of tenants’ personal information to be exposed. Data security was not the only thing to be compromised, with some victims feeling their personal safety was also at risk.

In our eyes, the data leak constituted a severe case of data protection negligence, in which a basic error was allowed to cause significant damage to thousands of victims. As specialists in data breach claims, we have often witnessed poor awareness of the severity of breaches such as the Watford Community Housing leak, and our work is important to make sure that victims receive some form of justice for what has happened.

We want to reassure victims that we know how distressing these incidents can be, and to remind them that they still have a chance to make a compensation claim. In fact, you could be entitled to make a claim on a No Win, No Fee basis, so make sure to seek our advice today for more information if you have yet to join the compensation action.

The Watford Community Housing data leak – what happened?

Data exposure is often associated with cyberattacks. However, in many kinds of cases, data breaches can be caused by human error. Such was the case in the Watford Community Housing data leak, in which a supposedly straightforward email to tenants compromised a wealth of personal information because a spreadsheet was mistakenly attached to the message. The spreadsheet contained the personal details relating to some 3,545 of the organisation’s tenants, who were the recipients of the email.

Among the exposed information were tenants’ contact details, including addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Unfortunately, there was also more private identity information, with details on gender, ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation included in the spreadsheet for some as well.

The incident was of particular concern to the more vulnerable victims, who worried that their information could fall into the wrong hands. For example, some people affected by data breaches have been victims of domestic violence, and they understandably worry that their former abusers would now be able to locate them.

Make your compensation claim

If you were a victim of the Watford Community Housing data leak, you still have a chance to claim compensation. We are already representing a number of the affected tenants, and our action for compensation and justice is well underway.

In a claim, you could recover damages for the distress you have experienced, as well as for any financial losses or expenses you may have incurred. For example, we already know that fraud has been a problem for some victims, but we could recover losses like this in your claim where applicable.

Claim with expert Data Breach Lawyers

As specialists in data breach claims, we have been representing clients for privacy matters since 2014, and we have developed a wealth of expertise in this emerging area of law. We believe that data breach claims are vital if we are to ensure that victims are fairly compensated for breaches, but they can also help to dissuade companies from neglecting data protection again.

If you have been adversely affected by the Watford Community Housing data leak or any other data breach incident, do not hesitate to contact us for free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim.

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