Data breach group action claims

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From an outside perspective, litigation can seem like a complex and confusing process, and we know that many of our clients are not so familiar with group actions until they join one. A group action is simply a form of legal action in which claims of a similar nature can be handled together. Due to the wide-reaching nature of some cybersecurity incidents, data breach group action claims are increasing in number in the UK.

As specialist Data Breach Lawyers, we pride ourselves on making the process of claiming as straightforward and stress-free as possible for our clients. Joining a group action may seem like a daunting prospect, given the potentially huge scale of the litigation, but we are here to guide you through each step of the process.

You can contact our team today to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim, and we offer No Win, No Fee representation for our clients.

How do data breach group action claims work?

When a data breach occurs, it can happen on a very small scale, with only one person’s details becoming compromised. But there have also been cybersecurity incidents that have led to the potential exposure of millions of victims’ personal data in one event, and the damage can be monumental.

In large-scale cases like these, it can make sense to group the claims into one action, for reasons of both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We have been involved in group actions in which we have represented thousands of claimants, and while this may seem like a lot of clients to manage, we have the skills and the infrastructure to give such cases and actions the attention they require.

In fact, though there are common issues in data breach group action claims, we can still take individual instructions from each claimant at the beginning of the process, as the data breach might have affected each person in a different way. For example, some claimants may have suffered distress from the incident, such as stress or anxiety, whereas some may have faced financial loss in cases where their information was misused by fraudsters. As a result, each claim can still be valued differently, and your compensation amount could reflect the nature and extent of the harm you were caused by the data breach.

Our data breach group actions

Our data breach group action claims include some of the most high-profile cases ever seen in England and Wales. For example, we are currently representing a group of claimants for the British Airways data breach event after the airline was hit by two huge cyberattacks in 2018, affecting hundreds of thousands of customers.

Our Virgin Media and Equifax data breach group action claims are also underway, and there is still time to sign up if you were affected by either of those.

Make your No Win, No Fee compensation claim today

Most importantly of all, we are often able to offer No Win, No Fee representation to eligible data breach claimants. This type of claim can ensure that you will not have to pay any of our legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful, subject to the terms and conditions agreed.

To find out more about claiming, or to receive free, no-obligation advice on your potential claim, contact our team today or register your details for call-back.

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