Cyberattack compensation for travel data breach victims

British Airways

Holding vast amounts of sensitive personal data, travel companies are often prime targets for cybercriminals, for whom their databases can represent valuable assets. In the past few years, we have seen a number of huge cyberattacks hit the travel sector, affecting millions of customers. Anyone affected could be eligible to claim cyberattack compensation for travel data exposure.

In fact, it is important to remember that the blame for the harm caused by a cyberattack does not fall solely on the hackers, as the data controller can be responsible if it emerges that their systems were not properly protected. As such, they can be liable to issue compensation pay-outs to the victims.

As specialists in data breach claims, we have taken on a number of major travel companies to hold them to account for data breaches, including British Airways, easyJet and Marriott. We know what it takes to pursue justice in cases like these, so contact us today if you would like expert advice on your eligibility to claim compensation.

Why are travel companies targeted by cyberattacks?

As one of the wealthiest global industries, the travel sector brings in huge revenues, so it is unsurprising that it is seen as a worthwhile target by cybercriminals. The range of information on offer to cybercriminals is also a key factor; alongside the typical names and contact details, travel companies also store data such as passport numbers, driving licenses and credit or debit card information.

In fact, the Covid-19 pandemic was understood to have been the first sign of cybercriminals easing off travel companies. Although there was still an increase in attacks against the sector, it was reportedly a smaller rise compared to those affecting other industries. Given that the number of flights and holidays booked dropped dramatically, this is to be expected, perhaps.

Recent travel data breaches

One of the most high-profile data breaches to occur within the travel industry in recent years was the British Airways cyberattack, for which we are currently claiming cyberattack compensation for travel customers affected by the breach. With two cyberattack incidents occurring in 2018, some 400,000 victims were affected, many of whom had their payment card details exposed.

Similarly, the easyJet cyberattack exposed the data of over 9 million customers, a few thousand of whom had payment card information exposed. Both incidents raised questions about how strong the cybersecurity was at these airlines, and we are pursuing claims to win cyberattack compensation for travel customers affected by the data breaches.

Claim cyberattack compensation for travel data breaches

If you have had your data exposed in a travel company cyberattack, you may be able to claim compensation for the harm caused. As demonstrated in the examples above, these incidents can affect huge quantities of information, and can expose significant amounts of each victims’ personal information. As such, travel cyberattacks can cause significant emotional and financial impacts on victims, and both factors can be taken into account when we make your compensation claim.

When claiming cyberattack compensation for travel customers, we are able to usually offer No Win, No Fee representation to eligible claimants. Make sure to contact us for free, no-obligation advice today if you think you may have a claim to make.

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