Join the British Airways hack compensation action

You can find out if you’re eligible to join the British Airways hack compensation quickly and easily by checking your eligibility on the BA Group Action website here.

In minutes, and with just a few simple questions answered, we can normally let you know if you may have a case. Ultimately, you should have been informed if you were affected by the 2018 cyber-attacks, and if you were, you should be able to join the action.

We recommend that anyone who’s serious about claiming sign-up now to get their case started without delay in order to safeguard their place in the litigation.

What happened in the court hearing earlier this month?

If you haven’t heard about the huge developments for the British Airways hack compensation action following the court case earlier this month, here’s what you need to know.

A Group Litigation Order (GLO) was officially approved by Mr Justice Warby. This means that claimants can now join together as part of one huge set of proceedings so the common issues can be fought together.

This is important. It saves costs and court time, and avoids the need for hundreds of thousands of people to go to court across the country. There’s also strength in numbers, and only by grouping together can we look to give ourselves the best chance possible of winning the battle for justice.

The deadline to claim was also set for 2021; a significantly longer amount of time than the lawyers for BA had originally desired. Further, Your Lawyers was appointed to the Steering Committee that’s responsible for the conduct of the action.

What happens now?

The next stages for those who are claiming British Airways hack compensation are really important.

Claimants will need to:

  1. Sign-up to a No Win, No Fee agreement that can protect them from paying costs if the claim loses;
  2. Obtain funding so you have the necessary resources to fight for your case;
  3. Obtain insurance to protect you from paying certain costs if something goes wrong. Although we’re confident that we’ll win, it’s important to make sure that you’re protected.

The good news for you is that getting all the above is really straightforward. You can do it all by signing-up to join the BA Group Action here, and in minutes, your claim can be launched.

We can then obtain all the necessary information and evidence from you that we need in order to secure your place in the action.

Start your British Airways hack compensation claim today

To start your British Airways hack compensation claim, go to the BA Group Action website here and sign-up.

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