Take action following a data breach: how we help you

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It is important to take action following a data breach. As a victim whose personal information has been misused or exposed, you have rights.

We know, as leading Data Breach Lawyers, just how badly people can suffer when they have lost control over their personal information. The law is also on your side, and it can be used to pursue damages when you have been wronged due to a privacy misuse or exposure event.

For eligible clients, we are proud to be able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation.

Why you should take action following a data breach

You should take action following a data breach for many reasons, but here are three key reasons for you:

  1. You can be entitled to justice by way of a claim for data breach compensation. The law is on your side – so use it;
  2. It can help to hold the offending organisation to account when they have failed you; and
  3. Taking such action can act as a deterrent to hopefully avoid future events.

It is important to remember that any regulatory action from the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) does not directly lead to compensation for victims. The ICO is there as a watchdog and to issue fines as punishments, but money from fines is not intended to then compensate the victims.

Victims need to initiate their own private legal case, and this is where we come in.

What to do – claim compensation for personal data leak

You can take action following a data breach and claim compensation now for any form of personal data leak, breach, or exposure or misuse event. We can assess your case and then confirm if we are able to help you, but if you have suffered distress due to the loss of control of your personal information, you may be eligible to claim compensation.

The GDPR can allow you to recover compensation for any distress caused by any loss of control. Generally speaking, the more you suffer, the more a case could be worth. We can assess the claim based on factors such as the nature of the data that is involved, how much has been affected, and the extent of any misuse or exposure. Different people can be affected in different ways, so we can also take this into account as well.

If we believe that you have a legitimate case to pursue, we may be able to work for you on a No Win, No Fee basis.

Who we are

We are The Data Breach Lawyers – the original Data Breach Lawyers who have been working in this niche and complex area of law since 2014. This is a great deal longer than most other firms now looking into privacy matters, and it means that we have enviable experience and represent thousands of people for cases.

The reason that we say this is to allow you to understand who we are, as it can be very important in terms of who you instruct to represent you for a data case. We know some of the other firms out there are settling cheaply – for way less compensation than we are obtaining for our clients. This is incredibly concerning, as we do not want anyone to receive any less justice than they absolutely deserve.

This is the area of law we specialise in, and we have launched dozens of data breach group actions as well. Our experience speaks for itself.

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