Hospitals and the healthcare sector: data breach compensation

large medical healthcare data breaches

Victims of data breaches that involve hospitals and the healthcare sector can be entitled to claim compensation for any distress caused, and we are able to offer No Win, No Fee legal agreements.

We often find that the impact in these kinds of cases is significant, and the level of distress that can be caused can be substantial and can have a real and lasting impact on the victims. As such, justice for anyone affected by a breach that involves healthcare data is essential, which is why we do what we do.

Severity of data breaches in the hospitals and the healthcare sector

Hospitals and the healthcare sector can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to data breaches, leaks and hacks. They can happen more often given that hackers specifically target these kinds of organisations due to the value of the information that they could steal. Further, it can be that poorly funded public healthcare organisations can be more vulnerable when cybersecurity is not being managed properly.

As we have touched on above, the value of the information is a key factor. Medical data is typically the kind of information that we do not want other people to know about, and it can be classed as special category information in accordance with the GDPR. There is also plenty in the way of rules and regulations when it comes to medical confidentiality, and this is all about protecting us and making sure that we can maintain control over this type of very personal and sensitive information.

Given the nature of this kind of information, any breach that involves it can have devastating effects on the victims. A breach of this kind of data could leave victims very distressed and worried about their private and personal healthcare information now being exposed or misused, and it is not fair that victims have to suffer because of this.

What can you do about medical data breaches?

Given that victims of data breaches involving hospitals and the healthcare sector can be badly affected, it is important that people know what to do if this kind of event has affected you.

The GDPR can entitle the victim of a data breach to claim compensation for any distress caused by the loss of control of their personal information. Given that the distress can be significant, damages awards can be in the thousands of pounds mark, and can be upward of, or around, £15,000 in some cases. It can all depend on the nature of what has been breached and how it has affected people, which can differ from person to person.

One of the most significant data breaches that we have helped people claim for was that of the 56 Dean Street Clinic leak of 2015. This led to people’s HIV statuses being leaked, causing significant distress for those affected.

No Win, No Fee legal representation

For eligible clients, we are able to offer No Win, No Fee legal representation for eligible clients who claim compensation as victims of data breaches involving hospitals and the healthcare sector.

As long as clients agree and abide by the terms and conditions in place, we really can write off our legal fees if the case does not succeed. We work in this way to ensure that there is suitable access to justice for all.

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