Cloud data leaks: claiming compensation

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We may see more and more cloud data leaks as society continues to move toward digital hosting and pulls away from physical hardware situated in an actual business premises.

A huge amount of the infrastructure that is now being deployed is used and stored in the cloud, so it is vulnerable to errors that can lead to leaks, or cyberattacks that can compromise whole systems.

Any defence is only as good as its weakest link, and the exact same can be said for how well protected and how secure information is from employee error. This is why defences, training, policies, and procedures must be the absolute best that they can be.

Increasing risks and leaks

Hackers deploy a variety of methods to try to steal and expose personal information. They can use malicious software that can be hidden in genuine-looking emails and copy sites, or they may be able to use attacks that can look for any holes or flaws in defences. They may then leak information as part of a campaign to try to extort information from people.

Any cybersecurity defence is only as good as its weakest link. As more and more data is now being stored in the cloud, this is an obvious target for hackers to go for as they could end up accessing whole databases. In some cases, multiple databases may be stored in one cloud area, and hackers could break into the cloud servers directly to access the information for multiple organisations.

It is absolutely essential that cloud databases are defended with the best cybersecurity that can be utilised. Anything less than quality security risks exposure if defences are weak, and this can lead to swathes of information being exposed.

When it comes to accidental leaks, employees having access to such large digital databases can lead to risks of something going wrong. Many data breaches arise from human error data leaks, and these can lead to substantial information exposure events.

Claiming compensation for cloud data leaks

Anyone affected by cloud data leaks could be entitled to pursue a claim for privacy breach compensation. If your personal information has been misused or exposed as a result of this kind of incident, the GDPR can be used to recover damages.

You could be entitled to claim compensation for any distress that you have suffered as a result of your personal and private information being misused or exposed. The law can entitle you to receive thousands of pounds depending on the severity of what has happened. This can be assessed by considering factors such as:

  • The nature of the data that has been exposed.
  • How much information is involved.
  • Who it has been misused by, or exposed to.
  • How you have been personally affected, which can differ from person to person.

What you need to do

Anyone affected by cloud data leaks could be eligible to claim data breach compensation now. You can speak to our legal team for free, no-obligation advice by completing a Call Back Form below.

If we believe that there is a case to pursue, we may be able to offer to represent you for the claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. We work this way as part of our promise when it comes to access to justice, and it means that we are able to waive our legal fees if the case does not succeed, subject to the terms and conditions as agreed.

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