Workplace discrimination from a data breach

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Workplace discrimination from a data breach is a real cause for concern for many people, and it is why it is so important to protect the personal information of all employees.

There are good reasons as to why the law entitles us to control who knows what about us, and having this control can be even more important in a workplace setting. If this control is taken away from us due to a data breach, we may be able to launch a No Win, No Fee privacy compensation case for you now.

The importance of data protection in the workplace

There is a reason as to why the GDPR entitles us to have control over our personal information. Ultimately, we do not want everyone knowing absolutely everything about us.

In the workplace, this control that we are entitled to is perhaps even more important. If you are anything like me, where I prefer my work life to be entirely separate to my personal life, I expect that I will be afforded control over who knows what about me.

One of the major considerations is the need to be professional in a workplace. This is a key reason as to why it is only right that we have control over who knows what about us. As such, if this is broken, the impact on an employee can be severe.

It can be so bad that it could cause a complete inability to continue on the role you have been in, and relations with colleagues could completely fall apart. This can arise when workplace discrimination from a data breach takes place, and it is a matter to be taken very seriously indeed.

What can be done about workplace discrimination from a data breach?

Workplace discrimination from a data breach could arise when people learn information about us that they had no right to because someone has caused it to be misused or exposed. Depending on the nature of the information that is affected, workplace discrimination from a data breach could arise if colleagues now know things that alter their view of you.

Rightly or wrongly in terms of the views held, it is all about your right to privacy. It is all about the fact that the law can entitle you to control who knows what about you, and you should be afforded the ability to consent or not consent to personal data about you being known.

If you lose control over your personal information and it is not your fault, you could be eligible to pursue compensation for any distress that is caused by the loss of control. In most data breach cases, it is distress that you are claiming for but, in a workplace setting, there could be losses and expenses too. If the distress has caused you to no longer be able to work in the capacity that you had done, there could be a claim for lost earnings arising from the data breach as well.

As Specialist Data Breach Solicitors, we fully assess your claim to be able to maximise what you could be owed in compensation.

No Win, No Fee GDPR breach compensation claims

You could be entitled to bring GDPR breach compensation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis now.

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